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SoundToro offers you a royalty-free background music service  
With our Royalty Free In-Store Music service you can create a musical ambience for all types of businesses 
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Advantages of our In-Store Music

Save money with a royalty-free InStore Music.
No installation or additional devices, you only need a device with internet connection.
Online customer service to solve all your doubts.
Play music from your device via cable or bluetooth. It's your choice!
Don't wait any longer and start your 14-day Free Trial now Find your plan The service is priced according to the area to be soundproofed


To use our royalty-free In Store Music system you only need a device (computer, tablet, mobile phone) with Internet connection (WiFi or Cable), and connect it to the audio equipment of your establishment to sound. The connection can be wired or use In Store Music wirelessly, connecting the playback device via bluetooth with your speakers or sound equipment. By accessing your user account you will be able to find our In-Store channels classified by musical styles. From the moment you sign up for the free trial period you can start enjoying music in your business. It's easy!

It is necessary to have an Internet connection to play the InStore Music SoundToro service. The operation is 100% streaming, which allows us to renew the Playlist's playback in a dynamic and fast way.


Once you have purchased our royalty-free InStore Music you will receive a Royalty-Free Music Certificate. This Certificate certifies that you are not obliged to pay any royalty fees to any copyright management organization for the reproduction of our music. This Certificate is obtained after the 14-day free trial period.

All the music in our catalogue is created by artists who have decided of their own free will not to belong to any rights management entity, and therefore their works are not managed by such entities. There is also music by authors whose collecting societies (ASCAP, BMI) allow Direct Licensing, so that the end user does not have to pay royalties. Our goal is to achieve a catalog of quality royalty-free music so that our customers do not have to make additional payments to collecting societies.

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