- belongs to FREE MUSIC PROJECTS, S.L. (C.I.F B-86488244), a company domiciled in Madrid, Calle Antracita, 30, and offers its customers and interested parties, a in-Store Music Service with some rights included under the conditions set out in this contract.


- All rights to the works exploited by FREE MUSIC PROJECTS S.L and, including, without limitation, copyright and other intellectual property rights that are not granted in this contract, are retained by FREE MUSIC PROJECTS S.L and / or artists. 

- None of the authors, producers, artists, performers or interpreters of the musical works used by FREE MUSIC PROJECTS S.L, is part, nor wants to be part of any copyright management entity or other rights management entities. None of his works are part of the repertoire of such entities. However, may issue direct licenses to use some of his works, the authors whose rights management societies that allow it, not having to pay the end user any amount in royalties for the use of such works. 

- It is the sole responsibility of the customer to reproduce only the content provided by FREE MUSIC PROJECTS S.L. through the service. In the event that the customer reproduces other musical or sound content, FREE MUSIC PROJECTS S.L. is not responsible for the rights that may be generated, or fees for public communication that may be required through the management entities.


- It is the sole responsibility of the client to use the service in those jurisdictions where there are mandatory collective management rights management entities, as well as changes in the laws of any country. In such jurisdictions, the use of the service will not be exempt from payments to rights management entities.

- FREE MUSIC PROJECTS S.L. authorizes the use of its contents in the global area to sound contracted. In the event that this area is not correct, or vary the number of outlets, FREE MUSIC PROJECTS S.L is widely empowered in order to abandon the provision of the service and cancel the contract without the need to go to court. The geographical location of the points of sale, and the surface areas of these establishments are detailed in the data entered by the User on 

- FREE MUSIC PROJECTS S.L. will provide the customer, through access to a personal user area on the website, a set of music channels, which can be played via streaming.

- The collection of the receipts for the provision of the musical ambience service will be made 14 days after the start of the free trial period. The charge will always be made in advance of the service to be provided, for one year, which begins to count from the date of the start of the free trial. 

- FREE MUSIC PROJECTS, S.L. is empowered, without the need to go to court, to withdraw the service and terminate the contract if the user does not pay any debt on time, as well as for breach of the conditions stipulated in this contract, without prejudice to the right to claim for this or any other concept. 

10º - Under no pretext the client will be able to connect different equipments simultaneously, neither in the indicated space nor in others different from this one. 

11º - In the event that the customer does not punctually pay the amount of the corresponding fees, or when for any other reason the expiration of this contract occurs, FREE MUSIC PROJECTS S.L. is widely empowered in order to abandon the provision of the service and without the need to go to court. 

12º - FREE MUSIC PROJECTS S.L. is exonerated from any liability for possible interruptions or anomalies of the service that are due to causes beyond its control, and therefore may not be subject to claims for this reason nor shall not be obliged to pay any compensation to the customer. 

13º - The price of the musical ambience service stated in the corresponding section of this contract is considered fixed and unalterable during the current financial year. From 1st January of the following years, FREE MUSIC PROJECTS S.L. is empowered to proceed automatically to update this price. 

14º - This contract will be terminated for any of the following reasons: 

  1. Fulfilment of the foreseen term, provided that there is no need to extend it. 
  2. Mutual agreement of the parties. 
  3. Breach by any of the parties of any or some of the obligations incurring it. 
  4. Any other cause provided by law or validly stated in any of its clauses. 

15º - The initial duration of this contract is set at 1 year from the start of the free trial period, and will be binding for both parties. It will only be charged if the client does not cancel the subscription during the first 14 days of the free trial. Once the one-year period has expired, it will be considered tacitly extended for successive periods of one year, as long as the user does not cancel his subscription through his Client Area. 

16º - Any controversy, problem or disagreement that arises or is related to the access, navigation and/or use of the Website, or with the interpretation and execution of these Conditions, or with the contracts of the service between and the User, will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts of Madrid and Spanish Courts.