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An alternative full of advantages compared to the traditional management of music copyright
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What is Royalty Free Music?

What is Royalty Free Music?

Royalty-free music or copyright-free music refers to all music that is created by authors who do not belong to copyright management entities. In this way, as these songs are not part of the repertoire or catalog of said entities or management companies, no amount can be claimed as copyright from the user of the music. There is also the possibility that the artist belongs to management entities (ASCAP, BMI), but is allowed to grant direct Licenses to companies such as SoundToro.

Thanks to the features of royalty-free music, any business that decides to use it is not required to pay copyright fees, which is a huge savings for most businesses. When it comes to music of an ancillary nature (the use of music in those businesses in which it is not essential, for example a nightclub), we consider that copyright-free music is a huge advantage. Finally, do not confuse royalty-free music with free music, because even if it is copyright-free, in most cases artists will want to charge for their work, as is evident.

How to download royalty free music?

In the case of, the music is in streaming and not by direct download. This has several reasons: The first is that the music catalog that we manage is dynamic, adding new songs weekly, and eliminating old ones. In this way, we can manage what is playing in each business, making sure that old music that shouldn't be playing doesn't play. On the other hand, the constant improvement of Internet connectivity, currently with 5G, allows us to function in streaming in a safe and uninterrupted way. For this, we always recommend using the most stable connections possible, prioritizing cable transmission and eliminating, within the possibilities of each place, wireless connections..

In the case of wanting to download copyright-free songs for synchronization in videos (Youtube, Instagram...) radio ads, television, movies... we recommend using the portal, where you will find different types of licenses that fit a multitude of applications.

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Is there famous royalty-free music

Is there famous royalty-free music?

Yes, famous royalty-free music exists. Just because an artist has a well-known song doesn't have to mean that he has to be a member of a rights management entity. However, in most cases, well-known artists are part of these entities and therefore their music cannot be considered free of copyright.

On the other hand, many songs that are already part of the public domain by classic authors who died long ago, have universal and enormously famous works that can be found free of copyright, since they have been performed by interpreters who are not part of the no entity.

Alternatives to Royalty Free Music

The only alternatives to using copyright-free music is to use commercial music or music managed by management entities. The next alternative would be to have no music in the business and spend hours in complete silence. Depending on the type of business we will be interested in one and the other. is the great alternative to other copyright management entities, as it allows us to sound with quality music from any type of business, at the best price, and anywhere in the world.

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Why is it not free if it is royalty free

Why is it not free if it is royalty free?

The royalty-free music we use on is created by professional songwriters and producers. They have decided to manage their music in an alternative way to the conventional one, however this does not mean that it is free. On the contrary, many choose this path to receive remuneration, which they would not receive if they were associated with a copyright management entity.

Therefore, royalty-free music does not have to be free. All professionals must be paid for their work, and music is no exception.

¿How to know if a song is royalty free?

It's a complicated thing. An application can be used to recognize the song, and see which management entity it belongs to. However, in this case, we will not know if you have been granted any Direct License.

The best option is to consult the artist directly to find out if he belongs to a management company, or to find out if he granted a license to a specific company.

How to know if a song is royalty free
Can I use Television in my business if I use royalty-free music

Can I use Television in my business if I use royalty-free music?

The answer is No. Televisions always broadcast content managed by management entities, whether it is a music program or a news program. So technically, if you use television you are using "commercial" or "rights" music.

In the event that you want to avoid paying royalties, you must remove the television from your business. In the case of bars, it can be a tough decision. It depends on the type of establishment and the clientele, it will be necessary to assess which is the best decision for the optimal operation of the business.

Royalty Free Music Certificate

If you have decided to use royalty-free music, you should now be able to prove it. If you receive a visit from an inspector or area delegate from any management entity, you must show the certificate and/or invoice of the copyright-free music service you contracted.

At you can download a personalized certificate that certifies that you are a user of our platform. Once you subscribe, you have 14 days completely free. If you do not cancel the subscription, you will obtain a certificate whose start date is the day you signed up for our platform. What are you waiting for? Start using royalty-free music in your business today!