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Advantages of our Hotel Background Music
Save time and money with our royalty-free background music for hotels.
No additional installations are necessary. All you need is an internet connection (computer, tablet...) and the speakers.
SoundToro customer service to answer your questions.
Play hotel music from your computer, tablet... and connect it to the speakers via cable or bluetooth. Easy!
How does background music for hotels work?

How does background music for hotels work?

To start playing our royalty-free background music service for hotels and hotel chains, you simply need an internet connection and connect your computer or tablet to the sound system. You can send the audio signal to your hotel's speakers via Bluetooth or a cable. By accessing your user account, you can click on the music channel players, and the music will start playing in your hotel. Keep in mind that you can play as many channels simultaneously as you want, allowing you to provide different soundscapes in various areas of your hotel.

Our background music service for hotels is 100% streaming and does not support downloads, so an internet connection is required. Simply log in to your personal account using your registration details (email and password), and play the preferred music channel. If you wish, you can subscribe and take advantage of a 14-day free trial.

Music licensing for hotels

Once you have hired SoundToro's background music service for hotels, you will be able to download the Royalty-Free Music Certificate. Our certificate confirms that the music used in your hotel is free from copyright payments. To contract the background music service for hotels, you just need to select the area (m2) where the music will be played. Depending on the hotel's size, a specific rate will be applied. For hotel chains, please contact us, and we will provide you with the best quote.

The music from SoundToro's catalogs is completely royalty-free music. We refer to royalty-free music as music that does not generate copyright fees when used by our clients, eliminating the need to pay copyright fees to the respective management entities in each country. The downloadable SoundToro Certificate verifies the date on which our music started playing in your hotel, as well as its location and area. In the event of an inspection by copyright management entities, you must present the Certificate and the Invoice issued by SoundToro. You should always use music from SoundToro and avoid playing music from other sources, as you could be in violation of the law.

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