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Background Music for Gym

The Best Royalty Free Background Music for Gym

SoundToro offers you the best background music for Gym
With SoundToro's gym background music system you save on every royalty payment
Sign up for our music service for gyms and fitness centres and download your royalty-free music certificate
Advantages of our Gym Music
Save time and money with a royalty-free solution for fitness clubs.
No installations are necessary. You just need an internet connection (computer, tablet...) and some speakers.
Customer service to answer your questions.
Play gym music from your computer or tablet and connect via cable or bluetooth. Easy!
music for gyms - how works
¿How does music for gyms work?

To start playing our royalty-free background music service for gyms you simply need an internet connection, and connect your computer or tablet to the sound system in your gym or sports centre. You can send the sound signal to your gym speakers via bluetooth or via cable. By logging in to your user account you can click on our players and the music will be playing instantly in your gym.

Our ambient music service for gyms is 100% streaming, so an Internet connection is required. Simply log in to your personal account with your registration details (e-mail and password), and play the music channel of your choice - it's that easy! Among the playlist for gyms you will find: Beast Mode Channel, Electronic Channel, Pop Channel, Chill Out Channel... everything will depend on the atmosphere you want in your gym at every hour of the day. Take your 14-day Free Trial with no obligation!

Music licences for gyms

Once you have purchased SoundToro's in Store Music service for gyms, you will receive a royalty-free music certificate. This certificate certifies that you do not have to pay royalties to any copyright management organisation. To order music for your gym or sports centre, simply select the surface area (m2). Depending on the surface area of the sports centre, one rate or another will be applied.

The music used on SoundToro is created by authors who are not part of copyright management organisations. Music that has been licensed to SounToro under a Direct Licence can also be played without the end user having to pay royalties. In short, SoundToro is a background music service for gyms, simplifying the licensing process required to play music in all types of businesses.